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Classic Kerala - 4N5D

Kerala is a charming destination for all seasons. Travilla has attempted to capture the basic impressions of God's own country in this classic ensemble, which gives you the feel of the hill station of Munnar, glides you through the backwaters of Alleppey to the colonial hangover of Fort Kochi. The "Classic Kerala" tour is perfect for all age groups.

Ananta Padma 4N5D

"Ananta Padma" is a dream honeymoon, which lierally means the "joy of the blooming lotus". The geographic locales are dramatic, with one resort set beside a placid Lake and the other on the banks of the estuary in Poovar alongside the Arabian Sea. The Resorts are the best in their category and care will be our byword. We will see that you take the right steps on your new journey...come take the Travilla "Ananta Padma"!

Chennai Pallava 4N5D

Chennai is a culturally rich metropolis. When combined with the ancient Pallava capital of Kanchipuram and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram, it forms a triangle that takes us on a spectacular journey through the heritage and glory of the great Pallava emperors of yore. This trip will be attractive to the pilgrim, the architecture lover and the family that wishes to have an exposure to the might and glory of our ancient culture.

Blooming Nilgiris 3N4D

'Blooming Nilgiris' opens up the beauty of Ooty and Coonoor to the traveller of all ages and shades. The romance of the hills n vales and the clinging mist on the dew encrusted petals of a million blossoms makes this trip a colorful memory for your travel album..

Mysore Coorg 4N5D

Coorg is special. When combined with Mysore and Bengaluru, its flavour grows irresistable. Take the Travilla "Mysore Coorg" route for that filtered experience of joy!

Lepakshi Puttaparthi 3N4D

Travilla combines the two alluring towns of Lepakshi and Puttaparthi in a lovely package from Bangalore. It transports you to an astral world of peace and meditation at Prashanti Nilayam and then combines it with the ethereal architecture and glory of the Vijayanagara at Lepakshi. Come, experience the "Lepakshi Puttaparthi" tour from Travilla!

Travellers' Pick

Captivating Kodai 3N4D

Kodaikanal is the location for many a romantic sequence in South Indian and Bollywood movies. A favourite destination for the honeymooners, Kodaikanal is irresistable to family groups too...Be ready to walk into Travilla's "Captivating Kodai".

Nizam's Splendour 3N4D

There comes a time in life, when you feel like lazing back and act the Nawab. Then, look no further than Hyderabad, which allows you to splurge in the splendour of the Nizams, while enjoying the creature comforts of a modern IT city. Join the Travilla "Nizam's Splendour"..

Authentic Coorg 3N4D

Welcome to the Scotland of India, as Coorg or Kodagu is often called. Its an amazing place for the Nature lover. Travilla gives you the essence of Kodagu through the "Authentic Coorg" tour. Make time in your busy schedule to break away and relax from the pressures of the world.

Pondi Delight 4N5D

As you travel down the sea kissed East Coast Road to enter Pondicherry, you are in a mild culture shock of discovering French architecture with restuarants serving steak and good wine. Welcome to the French Riviera of the East where the Rues and Boulevards still retain its French hangover. Travilla takes you on its "Pondi delight", an exclusive tour into the heart of France in India!

Divine Kerala 3N4D

Crafted as a leisure pilgrimage which covers three grand temples in God's own country, this trip is a favourite for all age groups. The amazing spectacle of caparisoned elephants, the temple drums and a visit to the Elephant shelter at Punnathurkotta makes this trip unforgetable. Gift this trip to your parents and make them smile!